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5 x Mille x l'Autosviluppo

If you are a resident in Italy, you can allocate your ‘5 per mille’ for M.A.I.S., by marking the appropriate box in your tax return form: “Sostegno del volontariato…”  our fiscal code is: 97538280013

This will allow you to support our projects in Senegal, Egypt, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Italy.

Contact us for further information, or contact the Agenzia delle Entrate.

Che cos'è il 5 per mille

The expression ‘five per thousand’ defines the mechanism by which the taxpayer can choose to reserve 5 per 1000 of his/her income tax to support the no-profit sector, universities, scientific and medical research. It is possible to sign in the first box on the left of your income form and fill in the box where a fiscal code is required: you can just fill in the box with M.A.I.S. code.


Who can choose to allocate ‘5 per mille’

Citizens who declare their income through forms such as: ‘modello integrativo Cud’, or ‘modello 730/1 bis’, or ‘Modello Unico persone fisiche’.


Citizens having only one kind of income, as an employee or a person receiving a pension, therefore not having other kind of income to declare, can allocate their ‘5 per mille’. They can do that by handing over their declaration for ‘5 per mille’ in an envelop to a post office, to a bank or a professional dealing with this declaration (a Caf office, for instance, or a chartered accountant).

5 per mille’ isn’t an alternative to ‘8 per mille’, one can keep on allocatine as well, neither needs any fee to be paid, that is it is not changing the final taxes amount a citizens has to pay.
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