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Building Rural Assets with Valuable Opportunities

The project aims at poverty-reduction of small producers, of women excluded from labour, and of unemployed youth, by tackling the challenges hindering the full development of Fayoum governorate in its three main economic sectors (tourism, handicraft, agriculture). The proposed strategy is based on the enhancement of the available assets, and the creation of new opportunities, both on the market of goods and labour. The project will play a significant role towards the achievement of women’s economic empowerment by targeting unemployed women and girls, as beneficiaries of skills development and micro finance actions, to play the actors’ role in services and facilities establishment.

Total budget: 4.148.036,00 EGP

Applicant: MAIS (Italian NGO for Empowerment, Interchange and Solidarity)

Implementing agency: MAIS in cooperation with COSPE

Location: Fayum governorate. Districts of Youssef Siddiq, Abshaway,Etsa, Sennoures. Villages of Nazla, Quta, Tunis, al Alaam, Abu Ghandeer, Abheet.

Duration: 30 months

Specific objective: Promoting Fayoum as an eco-tourism destination through the creation of a comprehensive system where natural, archeological, cultural heritage are integrated and harmonized and typical productive activities are enhanced

Beneficiaries: Community producers, unemployed youth, and women excluded from the labour force.

Expected results:
R 1:  Fayoum governorate  has been promoted as eco tourism destination.
R 2: Local craft has been enhanced and has generated job opportunities in target communities.
R3: Selected agriculture products including biological poultry are part of the fair trade network.