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Become a member

MAIS is an association and, as such, is open to anybody willing to share its aims and who would like to actively join in its actions. This would mean to personally committing and contributing with ideas on the initiatives and projects carried out around the world, participating to its social events and activities.

Article 4 of MAIS’ charter, establishes that members can be:

a) founding members: people who participated in the writing of its founding charter;

b) volunteers and staff working abroad for cooperation projects, promoted by the association, who have a contract with it, as ruled by the Executive Board and by current regulating law;

c) all the persons who, sharing the views and aims of the association, regardless of their nationality, by applying to become a member, are accepted by the Executive Board, after a decision voted by the majority of the Board members.

Membership fee: the membership annual fee amounts to 30 €.
Members can:

- take part in the Members’ Meeting with speaking and voting right

- be elected for associated members roles

- participate in the activities of the Association

- attend the Association’s offices and use the Association’s equipment


If you wish to become a member, please contact Mr Ferdinando Sibona at  or call the main office at the following phone number 011.657972.

Donations to MAIS, by persons or companies, can be written off total income of the donor, with a limit of 10%, up to 70.000 € per year (Law n. 80/05 of 14th May 2005, art. 14).

Become a volunteer.