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Development, Education and Contemporary Cultural Action

DECCA (Development, Education and Contemporary Cultural Action) project aims at creating and sustaining a space for expression, coexistence, cultural diversity and entrepreneurial practices in the arts, craftsmanship and alternative economic models by providing a unique community centre which is an opened, safe and free zone for innovation. This community centre is in El Minia which is a city located in Upper Egypt and has a very limited access to cultural and art movement, so that DECCA project aims to increase the access to culture, art and tools of cultural expression in El Minia community through: the community centre and bringing some professional artists from outside the local community.

DECCA project is also working on fostering diversity of cultural identities through arts within the Egyptian population, especially El Minia local one, manufacturing and release of handicrafts and contemporary products that reflect the community’s traditions and culture. It will promote and provide visibility both to the artistic production and to artists throughout Egypt.

DECCA project has two components:
1-    Art & cultural programs component which is responsible for planning and running a monthly cultural program inside the community centre like (art workshops, public screening, exhibitions, performances, …..) and outside the community centre like (“Open Day & Open Mic” events,….). this component is also aims to support the young artists and talented youth in El Minya community and provide them with space or equipment that they need.
2-     Handicrafts component which is responsible for recruiting the handicrafts participants in El Minya city, organizing workshops to improve the quality of handicrafts products and setting up a gallery for Egyptian traditional and contemporary handicrafts products inside the community center.
DECCA project is implemented by Oyoon Art Group in a partnership with M.A.I.S “Movimento per l’Autosviluppo, l’Interscambio e la Solidaritiera’” and funded by the European Commission.

Project's overall objectives
• Promoting access to culture and artistic expression for Egyptian semi-urban and rural communities.
• Providing safe and free spaces to support freedom of expression and creation in the culturally marginalized areas in Egypt.

Overall communication objectives
• Supporting freedom of expression.
• Respecting diversity & culture difference.
• Supporting culture identity.

Key messages:
Everyone has the right to express him/herself; art is a powerful tool of expression, and access to cultural tools, products and exchange needs to be granted and sustained locally.

Target audience:
- 20 young amateur artists from El Minay.
- Children & youth.
- NGOs and associations
- El Minya community