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Ong files

Ong files is the first website 2.0, an innovative Community, involving the Cocis’ associations, a federation gathering 25 NGOs.

The idea of Ong files is to restart from the lessons learnt from the Archivio della Cooperazione (Cooperation Archive:, the first digital and public database collecting projects realized by Italian NGOs, in order to create a real, virtual and shared dynamic space, where to ‘capitalize’, learn and disseminate the experiences accumulated and, at the same time, to deeply understand cohesion among NGOs of the Federation.

Immediate and permanent exchange of information among the organisations of the third sector represents a priority for Cocis, since they are one of the most relevant actors in the non-profit sector and as a second level association.
The Cooperation Archive started in 2008 to respond to the reciprocal need of information exchange among NGOs and it is an online database that filed and made public the participating NGOs project experiences and has allowed their reciprocal and constant updating about closed and ongoing projects and activities.
This initiative is renewing what was done for the networking of projects, creating a database focused exclusively on the associated NGOs, but made with the 2.0 web systems.

The project primarily aims at reinforcing synergies and network capacities among the associations, creating a virtual community constantly sharing experiences in real time. Particularly, the objective is to create a new portal inside the archive database, called Ong Files. Each association has an available  profile, with a section open to the public, including public information and material searchable on line, and one ‘members only’ section, where only associated NGOs can have access.
Secondly, the project promotes an IT training for the associated NGOs, organising specific courses on the management and maintenance of the Ong Files portal.